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Nov 21

Join Puente this Holiday Season and support the South Coast

hatgirlAll the world was before me and everyday was a holiday.

John Muir


Today we have ten days until the end of our campaign for donations to celebrate so many holiday moments.

Ten days until we trust that we will have enough of what we need for the South Coast.

On the South Coast, we are busily preparing for our end of the year holiday celebrations– Hanukkah, Christmas, and our annual Posada. These festivals of light and welcome remind us that we are united in our longing for community and deeper connection.

Living far from other holiday programs, South Coast children and adults rely on you, their Puente community, to make their holiday dreams come true.

At Puente, we live into the light, hope and courage, 365 days each year — farmworkers and farmers, teachers and students, rich and poor — living into the hope of a better world.

And for these next ten days, we hope you’ll join us in our campaign to make the world brighter, happier, and more inclusive place.

Visit or to make a donation today.

Thank you for your generosity and hope!

Kerry Lobel, for the whole Puente team


Oct 31

Souls take the street for last Farmers Market of Season

deadandrestlessSouls took the streets for Puente’s last Farmers Market of the Season. Many thanks to the farmers, ranchers and producers for our 4th and most successful season yet.

Click below for photos of the event:




Oct 28

Farmer’s Market Season Closes with Day of the Dead

Join us this Thursday, October 30, from 3:00 PM – 7:0 PM,  for the last Farmers’ Market of the season and our annual observance of Day of the Dead. A community altar, a labyrinth remembering those who have died crossing the border, bread of the dead, hot chocolate and a market full of amazing farmers and producers. Wear your costume!

As you enter the market you will have the chance to walk through a labyrinth designed by Lars Howlett Photography and dedicated to those who have lost their lives trying to cross the border. At the end of this labyrinth there will be an altar decorated by the community honoring those who have passed in our lives.

Bring a little something to place on the altar representing the people you would like to honor- photos, a favorite food, any kind of trinket…something that reminds you of that person.


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